Midnight Sun Spas is a leader in fiberglass swimming pools in Minnesota. We have installed many beautiful pools with tremendous results! Each pool is individually crafted by hand, and is personally inspected. We exclusively install only high-grade jets, pipes, glues, silicones, pumps, filters and heaters so you will know every detail has had full attention. We are very proud of our work and we want to prove that to you. Our swimming pools are built so well, that each is warranted for a lifetime.

Check out the different above ground pools, in-ground pools and swim spas we offer:

Why fiberglass pools?

Fiberglass pools cost less, take less time to install and will outlast other types of pool construction. Compared to other types of swimming pool construction, fiberglass pools will never require acid baths, re-plastering or vinyl liner replacement. Chemical costs, electrical costs and overall total service time are less. Wherever you are located in the mid-west, give us a call, we can install a fiberglass pool for you.

Fiberglass swimming pools are constructed under strict quality standards in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant by experienced fiberglass craftspeople. Fiberglass pools utilize the latest technology in manufacturing, engineering and design with a strong commitment to detail. One-piece fiberglass pools are designed and manufactured using the highest quality fiberglass materials available, and the most technically advanced resins under strictly supervised conditions.

Fiberglass pools are fast to install, easy to care for, and cost significantly lass to maintain, and are ready when you are. Fiberglass pools are designed to last a lifetime without needing any major renovation.


At Spas of Montana, we are confident that every one of our products will bring our customers the finest luxury. Each spa system is fully-equipped with the latest technology and high-quality materials, designed for the ultimate experience. The power and performance of our hot tubs is undoubtedly unmatched.